The Shopper Chopper can be part of your brand.

When you book the Shopper Chopper, we emblazon the front, sides and back of the basket with your store or organization's name, logo, slogan, color scheme, etc.  It becomes YOUR cart.  

We classify events into two types: Stationary and Mobile.


Mobile events are parades and promotions where the cart is moving as part of the event.  Your choice of signage is added to the sides and back of the cart and we drive through any city or town getting attention for your brand.

The basket of the Shopper Chopper can carry up to five passengers or be filled with mocked-up product or other promotional media.

Events at night really let us show-off the LED display.

Mobile promotion of Guy's Grocery Games premier on Food Network.  Driving around Manhattan with a stop in Times Square for an appearance on Good Morning America


Stationary events are where we transport and set-up the cart in front of your store (or IN your store) for a promotional event.  Signs and/or banners with your store name, logo or slogan are placed on the basket sides and back.  We also place the text of your choice on the cart "handle". 

Store openings, special events, product promotions, etc.

For tradeshows we transport the cart and set-up at your booth location, signage of your choice is placed on the basket.  Product can be placed in or around the cart - we can even mount flat panel displays to the basket.  The Shopper Chopper will definitely get potential customers to stop and linger at your show booth!

McDonald's Worldwide Convention 2018 - Promoting sustainability through the #ScaleForGood program

Note: Our crew is very safety conscience and we carry full liability and commercial vehicle insurance.

We can bring our giant shopping cart to any location in the continental United States. 

If there is a door 6'-2" wide and 8'-6" tall, we can bring the Shopper Chopper inside your store!

Shopper Chopper aka, Street-Legal Cart, Giant Cart, Super-sized Buggy, Uber Cart, Parade Cart, SunDrop Cart, Guy's Grocery Games Cart, Hot Rod Cart, Dragster Cart, Monster, colossal, huge, enormous, ginormous, immense.  You get the idea, it's big.