The World's only STREET-LEGAL shopping cart

A giant street-legal hot-rod shopping cart available to promote your store, brand or event.  Giant, awesome and staffed my professionals to bring attention to your product or event. Contact us to book the dates for your next big event.

It is fun to watch people's reaction. They instantly recognize what it is and then stop and stare while they try to figure out why.  An automotive journalist described our cart as "Pointlessly Awesome".  Yep, that pretty-much nails it.  

The Shopper Chopper can bring lots of attention to your brand or event, contact us and find out how.


Bring the ONLY Street-Legal Shopping Cart to your city, store or event!

Rolling Billboard

Trade Shows

Grand Openings

Street Marketing


Charity Events

Product Promotions

TV/Radio Events

Film & Commercials

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Like us on Facebook

The Shopper Chopper is a nine-foot-tall small-block-Chevy-powered, STREET-LEGAL attention-grabbing giant shopping cart.  From the rumble of the 350 cubic-inch engine to the 600+ LED lights, the Shopper Chopper attracts a crowd wherever it goes.  Explore the site to learn more about the cart and how you can have it at your event.

Contact us for details and to reserve your dates

@ShopperChopper on Twitter and Instagram

@ShopperChopper on Twitter and Instagram