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We bring the fun

We take being a little crazy VERY seriously.  We get attention - and then build on that initial shock and awe to make a connection between the viewer and your message.  We built the Shopper Chopper to be easily branded and versatile, it can be parked, moving, full of people or product, indoors or outside - we will make it work to fit your message.



Parades are our speciality. We aren't happy being the most outrageous and memorable entry in a parade, we always bring something new and different.  Our goal is to engage every person along the parade route.  We play music that gets them to dance, we dazzle them with flashing LED lights, waves of bubbles from our custom-built rack bubble machines and we launch bursts of confetti to make it one big party. 


Mobile promotion or rolling billboard

When we are cruising in traffic, we are impossible to ignore.  With signage on all four sides of the "basket",  your message or branding is also impossible to ignore.  We can also brag that we are the only mobile billboard that thousands of people photograph and share with their friends on social media.  If you have any retail related message - or just need lots of attention - we get results.


Parked promotion or sampling events

We draw a crowd and give passersby a reason to engage with us or your brand ambassadors.  We can use signage and props to convey your branding message in a clever, clear way that always brings a smile.


Film and television production

If you need a giant shopping cart for your production, we're here for you.  We've been part of several television and online commercial campaigns (Sundrop Soda, Harvey's Supermarkets and Paramount Home Video).  We come prepared to support the production crew and have always exceed the expectation of the producers/directors.

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Trade Shows

Looking for a way to get trade show attendee to stop at your booth. We can help you with that.  Become the talk of the floor a with ten foot tall shopping cart parked in your booth.  We can use signage, props, even video displays, to get your message to customers.