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A crazy idea, built with attention to detail.

The Shopper Chopper is a ten-foot tall, street-legal, shopping cart that started out as a crazy idea by a grocery guy - and became an even crazier marketing phenomenon. We can drive on city streets with  branding message on all four sides of the “basket”. The driver sits up in the “kiddie-seat” while transporting up to five additional passengers in the basket (the seats are also removable).    

We custom-built the Shopper Chopper to promote a family-owned grocery store in local parades, but quickly expanded to include charity events, retail promotions, commercials, trade shows, mobile marketing, etc.  We stumbled into a great way to promote anything you can associate with a shopping cart. We also created a professional marketing firm in the process.  Whatever your needs might be, if it involves retail, food, eCommerce, or just needs a shot of attention - contact us.